We believe Executive Coaching is the most personalized and specific 1 to 1 development solution for a leader

Here our coach works with leaders at CXO & CXO-1 level to help them gain better awareness of their developmental needs and unlock their potential to be more, do more, and achieve more in their role as a leader.
Today, as uncertainty grows, the quality of leadership that an organisation experiences, can make all the difference. Our coach provides the right support to bring transformative change that the leader and the organisation needs.

Some benefits that our coaches have delivered are:

  Help in navigating through critical decisions
  Build higher self-awareness & removal of blind spots
  Build competencies that matter the most to the role
  Modify behaviours to create a positive impact
  Gain more clarity on purpose and strategies
  Generate motivation, focus and energy
  Test new ideas & build agility

Executive Coaching Statistics

Competence Curve’s executive coaching can help your leaders create an impact on business drivers and help you experience the ROI on coaching, where your leaders would be wanting more coaching

  75% of the sample (participants and stakeholders) indicated that the value of coaching was “considerably greater” or “far greater” than the money and time invested. (MocGovern, Lindermann, Vergara, Murphy, Barker and Warrenfeltz).
  Coaching generated a ROI of 7 times the initial investment, where more than 25% reported an ROI of 10-49 times the cost.
  A Fortune 500 company wanted to study the impact of Executive Coaching. They found that 77% of respondents indicated that coaching had a significant impact on at least one of nine business measures.
  86% of organisations saw an ROI on their Coaching engagements, and 96% of those who had an Executive Coach said they would repeat the process again.

What you will experience with our coach:

  Credibility of having successful executive careers
  Great adherence to coaching competencies and guidelines
  Have experienced deep transformation themselves
  Deep ability to connect with the leaders & generate multiple perspectives
  Commitment to the results leaders are seeking
  Professional qualification and many years of experience as a coach
  Ability to hold the space for transformation
  Help leaders apply their strengths in unique ways
  Build resilience in self and their teams
  Drive organisational change to achieve business goals

Our coaching model

Our goal is transformation and the path is an experienced coach with an armoury of personal attributes, research based tools and frameworks.
Our network has over 50 highly experienced coaches with the right expertise and a deep alignment with our goal of transformation.

We use a 7 step model when we are coaching for transformation:

Stage 1: Crafting the agreement

The following happens at this stage:

  The coaching process is discussed
  The chemistry between the coach and the leader is done
  Motivation and commitment for coaching is established
  Coaching guidelines & confidentiality is established
  The coach & leader to be coached sign the agreement

Stage 2: Determine the key stakeholders

The following happens at this stage:

  Identification of those who can observe the behaviour of the leader
  Identification of those who are impacted by the behaviour of the leader
  All other sources of collecting data which allows the coach to understand the leader better
  Identification of people at work the leader has deep trust with
  Figuring out anyone else beyond work who can impact the leader’s development

Stage 3: Initial diagnosis & data collection

The following happens at this stage:

  Personal discussions with various senior stakeholders
  Mini questionnaires with direct reportees and peers
  360o assessments around organisational competencies or specific behaviours
  Study of performance review
  Psychometric assessments are conducted for a deeper understanding of the leader

Stage 4: Defining the coaching objectives & journey

The following happens at this stage:

  The coach & the leader discuss the leader’s world. There the leader shares his goals, aspirations, values, challenges etc.
  The coach & the leader arrive at 3 high priority change areas
  The coach and the leader taking inputs from the previous stage deep dive into the 3 high priority areas

Stage 5: Creating and implementing a development plan

The following happens at this stage:

  The coach and the leader create an action plan which has high degree of certainty of success
  Entire coaching journey, session wise plan, duration, frequency is set up and agreed upon
  Entire support system required is set up
  Deep transformative conversations to shift perspectives are conducted around the 3 high priority development areas
  Shift in thinking is substantiated by shift in actions
  Various reinforcement strategies are built to make the change last
  Accountability systems are set up to support the transformative change

Stage 6: Measuring progress & eliminating implementation challenge

The following happens at this stage:

  Input is taken from various stakeholders
  Self-reflection is carried out to identify progress and impact
  Areas with less or no progress are focused on to identify challenges and obstacles
  Deep transformational coaching is conducted to address the challenges
  Action plans are made that address the “why”, “how” & “what” of this challenge

Stage 7: Providing post coaching support

The following happens at this stage:

  Check in meetings are conducted with the leader to identify the success they have experienced
  Mini assessments are done with stakeholders to discover if changes have been sustained
  All challenges are addressed using deep transformative coaching tools

Duration of our
Coaching program

In a 10-month long journey with the following components:

Our sessions are also done virtually without geographical barriers.
Come and experience our global network of coaches who will help your leaders have transformation of self & the business

The following happens at this stage:

  A 60-minute initial warm up and chemistry matching
  1 assessment and 4-5 stakeholder interviews
  9 coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes each
  3 bonus sessions for the goals that are not achieved
  1 evaluation session of 60 minutes
  1-2 follow up session of 60 minutes
  1-2 stakeholder session of 60 minutes for assessment of progress

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