Sanjay Salooja runs a highly successful leadership development firm based out of New Delhi, India. He has spent 30 years in discovering what makes some leaders so successful.

Sanjay after having spent time with successful billion-dollar organisation’s CEO, start up, unicorn founders, successful global sportsman, he is distilled it all into a science – the Science of Leadership

He is a highly acclaimed coach, educator, advisor and a thought leader. Global CEO’s & CXO’s seek his support to create breakthrough results. He has coached over 5000 leaders and helped them become a better & greater vision of themselves. His goal in coaching is transformation. He believes every leader can experience this by expanding or shifting their beliefs and mental models. One conversation with him can start the process of transformation. His clients realize “higher levels of existence” by working with him

His focus of coaching extra ordinary leaders is “not to do differently” but to “be different”. The approach is to go to the operating system, get to the essence and illuminate the “being” of a leader

He has spent over 10 years studying what causes behavioural change in a leader. The source of his research is embeded in applied behavioural Science. Having applied the tools and frameworks with multiple leaders and cultures, he has distilled it all into simple frameworks. His work has constantly shown that even a tiny shift in terms of one behaviour can create achievements one can’t imagine

His work is truly transformational. He can help any leader discover “what needs to change within to create any outcome they desire”. Leaders end up experiencing a shift in consciousness that changes them forever. He believes the core of any transformation is a shift in “self-concept”. He is constantly learning from each coaching interaction with leaders. Further, reading, researching and experiencing transformation himself has led him to understand coaching at a very deep level

The clients he works with are powerful and super achievers. They lead large teams, across geographies, multi-billion dollar top line with global exposure and competition. They have done what only very few can do and yet they happily sign up to go to the next level

Where Sanjay’s expertise and core ability to help leaders achieve the unimaginable and impossible comes from:

  Delivering leadership training for over 1,00,000 leaders from across levels
  Coaching over 2000 highly successful leaders
  Conducting over 28,000 coaching sessions
  Learning by completing his PhD in building optimism in Indians
  Years of academic and practical deep knowledge of Applied behavioural Science
  Multi-cultural experience of coaching leaders from over 16 countries
  Designing and delivered over 100 leadership interventions
  Certifying leaders as internal coaches within 5 global organisations
  Coaching senior expat leaders from multiple nationalities
  Consulting & building leadership models for more than 20 industries

Deep diving with leaders on their “beingness, persona’s & projections”.

Helping others achieve greatness they have not imagined.

Every leader has more potential waiting to be realized.

Nothing changes on the outside till something changes deeply on the inside.

The Ideal Profile for coaching with Sanjay Salooja

If you think

  You are successful
  Your track record is brilliant
  You are on top of your game
  You are a role model to others
  You feel you literally have it all but believe more is possible

You are at the right place, Let’s start a conversation

Client Appreciations

At the end of 2019, as an Expat, I started my personal leadership journey to become a more effective leader, managing a diverse team of individuals and adapting successfully to the Indian work environment. Sanjay’s coaching sessions have been instrumental in facilitating this process. Dr. Sanjay Salooja with his mature and pleasant coaching style has helped me to become a more complete person, which surely reflects on my leadership skills as well."

CFO, European Multinational

Dr. Sanjay Salooja supported me and my team over several sessions on breaking down barriers to start becoming a high-performance team. Most impacts was off-sight, which was the start of us as a leadership team to become more joined-up and collaborative. The 360-degree session which he ran was very powerful – it was especially excellent to hear constructively what my peer group thought of me and how I could improve."

Expat COO in India

I have had the good fortune of working closely with Dr. Sanjay Salooja as my coach for a period of 15 months and have gained from every interaction. Sanjay has a very simple yet outstandingly effective model of performance being limited purely by internal barriers - those to do with one's mind. This has been pivotal in helping me and my team address the challenges within oneself in terms of ways of working of the individual and the team, behaviours and mindsets - to be able to deliver results in line with our potential.

Shumone Chaterjee, Ex-Chief Revenue Officer, Lenskart Ex-Managing Director, SC Johnson South Asia Ex-Vice President and Managing Director, Levi Strauss India

“Sanjay coached our team when we were going through a difficult phase in the business. His thoughtful interventions, both as a group and 1:1, helped us become focused and cohesive again, eventually leading to our results rebounding sharply. His inimitable style of being forceful without being offensive made him a trusted confidante for our team. I highly recommend Sanjay as a coach for founders and founding teams."

Vivek Iyer, CEO, DOCOM Technology

"It turned out to be the best decision of my life to associate myself with Dr. Sanjay Salooja as my coach and it was a life-transforming journey from his guidance. I must have spoken about him to my family and friends several times and never forget to wish him on 5th September on Teacher’s Day.
It took almost 4 months but Dr. Salooja really helped me to identify and reveal my blind spots and showed me the way to work upon them. Many thanks, Dr. Salooja and I wish you the very best always.”

Karamjeet Dua, VP, Discovery Channel

Dr. Sanjay Salooja provided individual coaching/ mentorship to some of our senior executives and produced the desired outcome in terms of change in attitude and behaviour of the concerned individuals, resulting in better performance at work.
One of the best qualities of Sanjay is that he becomes a part of the senior team whom everyone trusts. He listens to everyone with empathy and maintains complete confidentiality which generates trust. Another important quality of Sanjay is that he maintains complete objectivity and does not harbour pre-conceived notions about anything or anyone. His positive attitude towards everyone demonstrates his ability to get the best out of every person. I have always enjoyed my every interaction with Sanjay and walked away richer in more ways than one. "
I wish Sanjay all the very best in all his endeavors.

Krish Iyer, President & CEO, Walmart

Dr. Sanjay Salooja made me and my management reflect back on key issues and also work towards working as better leaders. I also feel he filled the gap of feeling in context for a lot of leaders who otherwise would have been demotivated and not been able to sustain our high-pressure environment. Lead with context is something I have learnt from him and his sessions.”

Peyush Bansal, Founder, Lenskart

The partnership in the last 5+ years while I have been at Hindalco, Sanjay and his team have worked with us on a couple of very impactful leadership development programs for our middle management. These programs are based on extensive research along with detailed study of the organisation context, culture and people. The interventions include pre-work, classroom learning, action learning projects, coaching and mentorship. Another unique feature is that the classroom sessions are conducted both by Sanjay and his team as well as internal faculty from Hindalco. These programs have been very impactful, much wanted by participants and their Managers and have had lasting impact. In fact they have very effectively supported a culture transformation journey that Hindalco is in the midst of.

Samik Basu, CHRO - Hindalco - Aditya Birla

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