At Competence Curve, we have a dedicated practice to build leadership competencies. We believe, specific leadership competencies that need to be built cannot rely just on a workshop or event.

If an organisation is looking at impacting performance by building leadership competencies, then a process needs to be defined implemented and assessed.

The need to develop Competencies

  “Having the most talented people in earth of our business is the most important thing. If we don’t we lose.”
- Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

  “When asked to rank factors that would drive the future success of the business, CEOs considered investment in people to be as important as having an effective overall strategy, more important even than developing new or improved products and services”.
- McKinsey Survey with 77 German CEOs

Our Adult Learning Model

1) When it matters

Build learning around strategic projects with measurable performance impact

“Training as right or reward”

2) Through action and experience

Make them responsible for doing and delivering in the workplace

”Be there while I do it” or “training isolated from workplace”

3) When they are at the edge of their “comfort zone”

Stretch people to do more than they think possible

“Do what you know- just better”

4) From their peers

Enable a peer community to develop (e.g. via shared forum)

“Isolated individual”

5) With multiple iterations spread over time

Mix of forums and other intervention that reinforce learning while project work continues.

“It’s all in the big book we handed out on day 1”

6) With just –in-time support

Support with coaching in the workplace

“Sink or swim – with no buoyancy aids”

7) When they understand why they succeeded or failed

Push to understand why successes and failures occur

“Declare success – hide failure”

3 Questions to embark on the Competence Building Journey

1. What is the performance challenge that is driving the need for leadership competence building?

2. Are competencies impacting business drivers defined with clear behavioural indicators?

3. What behaviours will bring the desired change? What processes will ensure the implementation of newly learnt behaviours?

Our Leadership Capability Building Components

A deeper look into Competence Curve’s
Leadership Capability building workshops

Depending upon the brief, current situation, agreed milestones and expected outcomes, we may start with use any one of the following or a combination of them:

1) 360 Degree Assessments

This helps in increasing leadership effectiveness by ways of getting comprehensive feedback about leaders from those who work closely with him/ her. It's a safe, confidential and effective way to gather feedback which helps in identifying blind spots and clear development needs. Usually, our 360 assessments are built around the clients Leadership Competency Model.

2) Psychometric tests

These include a vast variety of tests to ascertain the skills, competencies, aptitude and key personality traits. These give deeper insights into the behavioural blue print of the leaders. Some of these tests we use are:

  Situational judgement tests
  DISC behaviour inventory
  Hogan personality inventory
  Myers Brigg type indicators
  The big five personality
  Occupational personality questionnaire

3) Leadership and Business simulations

This is a very old technique of creating a simulation of a real life business scenario, where experts observe and employees participate. These are mostly theme based games based on various aspects of strategic and functional aspects.

4) Large scale interactive process

This leadership workshop involves a large number of participants at one go and tries to achieve the management objectives set by the board. This is mandatory in the scenarios where we have to pace up the change process. In these workshops’ the same inputs, information and opportunity to participate and contribute is offered to a large group. Themes may include defining the strategy, values or building alignment to a common purpose.

5) High impact capability building workshops

Competence Curve and its leadership trainers have spent decades in coming up with a model that can ensure leadership capabilities are developed effectively in your leaders.

Our Model for High Impact Leadership capability building

Key objectives & deliverables of these stages

Stage 1: Assessment around pre-defined leadership competencies

Key objective of this stage

To evolve a document highlighting assessment of each leader on the pre-defined competencies.

Key deliverables of this stage

  Understand the leadership competencies and behaviours that need to be developed
  Use Applied behavioural Science and the NORMS of behaviours to generate final list of behaviours to be developed

  Identifying the development gaps of the leaders through:
    o Real Time performance feedback from the leader
    o 360-degree feedback from about supervisor and some direct reports of each leader

  What Competence Curve would do:
    o Development of customised tool for evaluation
    o Administration of the tool
    o Generating feedback for each leader

Stage 2: Construction of solution to impact the leadership competencies

Key objective of this stage

To evolve a document highlighting assessment of each leader on the pre-defined competencies.

Key deliverables of this stage

  Content development using instructional design
  Development of learning material
  Designing case studies, simulations and role plays
  Identifying appropriate training tools and techniques
  Training calendar for delivery of the leadership training

Stage 3: Deployment of Training Initiative

Key objective of this stage

To deploy the leadership development workshop around the pre-defined leadership competencies.

Key deliverables of this stage

  Deployment of leadership training with activities and simulations around “Real life application scenario”
  Ensuring no gap between customization and delivery
  Developing actions plans for each leader with specific objectives and timelines
  Setting up a support system for implementation and sustenance

Stage 4: Post Assessment around pre-defined leadership competencies

Key objective of this stage

A post assessment of the success factors of the project and the areas that need greater attention for the future success of the project.

Key deliverables of this stage

  A post assessment report of the participants around the pre-defined leadership competencies in Stage 1
  A post 360degree assessment is carried out
  To generate success stories from various leaders
  A project analysis on the key learning's for the project in terms of:
    o What went well
    o What needs to be improved for the next roll out, if required

Our Capability with Behaviours

We have designed and delivered leadership training for thousands of leaders across various levels, functions and industries. This has given an understanding of the behaviours which produce right results.

We have developed a tool called behaviour Targeting & Mapping Process (BTMP®). This process helps us in identifying right leadership behaviours those can create desired results. We have developed over 30 Leadership Modules and successfully worked with over 300 leadership behaviours.

Some leadership competencies we have developed are

• Influencing Others
• Building Employee Talent
• Driving Performance
• Entrepreneurship
• Innovation and Creativity
• Business Acumen
• Achievement Orientation
• Building Leaders
• Commitment for Excellence
• Driving Change
• Effective Communication
• Planning & Execution
• Strategic Thinking
• Presentation Excellence
• Customer Orientation
• Working in Teams
• Modelling the Way
• Inspiring a Shared Vision
• Challenging the Process
• Enabling Others to Act
• Encouraging the Heart
• Knowing Self
• Communicating to Influence
• Presenting for Impact
• Acting Decisively
• Navigating through Complexity
• Building Agility
• Build and Lead Teams
• Building Relationship & Network
• Stakeholders Management
• Developing Talent
• Being Innovative & Creative
• Prioritizing & Time Management
• The VUCA World
• Analytical Skills
• Understanding Internal & External Customer
• Being Creative & Innovative
• Execution Excellence
• Understanding Data for Business

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