What are Leadership Journeys and what are the key learning objectives of such journey?

Leading today is far more complex than it has ever been. Leaders at all levels find it challenging to meet the demands of their role. There are too many factors from within and outside the organisation that needs to be navigated to become successful. These are also constantly evolving and therefore there is a need to keep investing in leaders transformation. We believe one leadership event rarely changes a leader unless it’s a very intense experience. We curate leadership development journeys which happen over 6-12 Months.

  Develop a leadership mindset that allows them to lead effectively even in adverse situations.
  Develop leaders who can lead in ambitious situations in an agile way.
  Create leaders who have the capability to drive changes including digitization.
  Create the ability to be Mindful, Resilient and Passionate and stay connected to their Purpose.
  Develop the ability to lead others with Emotional Intelligence to make the team successful.
  Learn to influence various stakeholders to get support to deliver on business goals.

How Competence Curve can help your organisation?

  Design and deploy the entire Learning Journey that ensures overall development of leaders as per the ideal profile for each role.
  Finalize Measures of Success for the entire intervention around the organisational priorities.
  Conduct assessments around key competencies for each leader.
  Design development tools which would accelerate learning of various leaders.
  Provide Training and Coaching support through the Leadership Development Journey.
  Design and implement review tools to measure progress as the journey moves ahead.
  Design and implement all Reinforcement tools.
  Conduct Post Assessment to show measurable change in all leaders.

Why leadership development fails?

Pitfall 1: Weak links to business drivers and competencies

1) No clear understanding in the organisation on what Leadership Competencies are required to achieve performance target.
2) Programs are more of a “nice-to-have”, not combined with or driven by competencies that impact business drivers.

Pitfall 2: Individual development plans remain macro

1) People Capability Building is around some activities and not specific behaviours.
2) Not enough systems are built to review the implementation of Individual Action Plans.

Pitfall 3: Poor program design and execution

1) Training fails to focus on the capabilities that really drive tangible and sustainable results.
2) Teaching methods do not ensure direct application to participant’s work.

Pitfall 4: No long-term commitment

1) Impact declines when program is over, old habits resurface.
2) Infrastructure and process do not exist to sustain program beyond pilot’s success or to create a continuous learning organisation.

Leadership Development Statistics

Competence Curve can help you develop leaders of the future in a highly effective and scientific way where you have a constant supply of leaders.
We ensure these leaders deliver on business goals despite the challenges of the environment at any time.

  83% of organisations believe they would need to develop leaders at all levels in 2021 and 2022
  25% organisations say less than 10% critical positions have ready and willing successors
  Only 19% organisations believe they are very effective at developing leaders
  After spending billions of dollars on leadership development, 71% of companies do not feel their leaders are able to lead their organisations in the future

Our Leadership Development Journey Framework

Our Leadership Development Journey Framework have the following core elements

1. Pre Work

This part of the engagement allows us to establish the Measures of Success, understand the enablers and de-railers, conduct leadership assessments and finalise the modules and content.

2. Learning Events

These are curated modules that the participants would go through over the duration of the entire leadership development journey.

3. Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

Individual and Small Cohort Coaching is conducted to help leaders overcome challenges in implementation of their IDP’s.

4. Development Tools

Various Competence Curve Proprietary Leadership Development Tools are deployed to support the progress along the leadership development Journey.

5. Review Processes

Councils are set up to ensure the development remains on track and meets the expectation of various stakeholders.

6. Reinforcement Tools

These tools ensure learning is reinforced and newly learnt behaviours can become hard wired habits.

7. Post Assessment

This stage allows us to showcase to the client how the engagement has delivered upon the Measures of Success we had committed at the start of the leadership development journey.

How do we deliver this?

Our leadership journeys framework has 20 components. We deliver training, workshops, real situation scenarios, one-to-one customized coaching sessions etc. You’ll have extensive assessments, pre-work, post-work and continuous progress evaluations during this period. We have divided the sub-components into these three categories:

  Leading Self
  Leading Others
  Leading the Business

Each journey is tailored as per your organisation’s specific needs. All our leadership journeys are supported by reinforcement and sustenance tools. These ensure learning which through effective practice turns into hard wired skills.

Some competencies we build are

What’s so unique about Competence Curve
in delivering this program?

Leadership Trainers

You’ll be trained by our pool of industry expert trainers, from various cities and countries across the globe. They are trained and certified on the leadership models which will be taught in a classroom or virtual setting.

Leadership Development Methodology

The best of the development tools, methodologies, insights and real case scenarios will be incorporated in each learning module. Additionally proven leadership models and innovative delivery mechanisms will be used to make learning more engaging.

Similar Leadership Development Experience

We have already trained 200,000 leaders in 150+ organisations at various levels. All of our programs result in repeat engagements from the same organisations.

Customization of Leadership Intervention

Each journey will be tailormade to adhere to your organisation’s leadership competency model and culture. Special attention will be given to your leaders learning style. All case studies and scenarios will be created to meet the learning needs of your leaders.

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