Client Appreciations

At the end of 2019, as an Expat, I started my personal leadership journey to become a more effective leader, managing a diverse team of individuals and adapting successfully to the Indian work environment. Sanjay’s coaching sessions have been instrumental in facilitating this process. Dr. Sanjay Salooja with his mature and pleasant coaching style has helped me to become a more complete person, which surely reflects on my leadership skills as well."

CFO, European Multinational

Dr. Sanjay Salooja supported me and my team over several sessions on breaking down barriers to start becoming a high-performance team. Most impacts was off-sight, which was the start of us as a leadership team to become more joined-up and collaborative. The 360-degree session which he ran was very powerful – it was especially excellent to hear constructively what my peer group thought of me and how I could improve."

Expat COO in India

I have had the good fortune of working closely with Dr. Sanjay Salooja as my coach for a period of 15 months and have gained from every interaction. Sanjay has a very simple yet outstandingly effective model of performance being limited purely by internal barriers - those to do with one's mind. This has been pivotal in helping me and my team address the challenges within oneself in terms of ways of working of the individual and the team, behaviours and mindsets - to be able to deliver results in line with our potential.

Shumone Chaterjee, Ex-Chief Revenue Officer, Lenskart Ex-Managing Director, SC Johnson South Asia Ex-Vice President and Managing Director, Levi Strauss India

Dr. Sanjay helped me on how effectively I could influence the peer group to work along with me and deliver results together. He also helped me to become an Inspirational Leader by refining my communication skills while addressing a large forum and inspire people while I speak. It was fun in learning and unlearning and changing my behaviour and I am always thankful for his contribution in developing me as a leader who made a difference to Walmart India.

Sanjay Keswan, Head KDP, Walmart

For Himalaya International business headquartered at Dubai, we conceptualized organisational new values reinforcement strategy covering all employees including the senior management which sensitized the significance of values-oriented behaviours and its linkage to sustainable business performance across the board.

We further did senior management intervention to create a growth mindset further augmented with the coaching intervention for each and every senior management team member. There were significant measurable sensitization and alignment towards the organisation strategic goals.

Sanjeev Dixit, Ex. CHRO, Himalaya Drug Company

I have found Dr. Sanjay Salooja’s coaching sessions of extreme value to me given the concepts, objective views, ideas exchange and thought provoking conversations in all our discussions. He helped me shape my thoughts, actions and planning in my current role and got me thinking about my career growth in fresh light. Sanjay’s interactions are engaging, warm and always full of insights shared with high enthusiasm.

I can confidently state that it has led to opening my mind on several topics and contributed to my own knowledge and motivated me to try new and effective thinking to approach several aspects. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had such high quality coaching.”

Associate Partner, Big 4 Consulting Firm

Sanjay as a coach was humane and at the same time very insightful. He asked the right questions and guided a deep inner enquiry.
As a leader, I learned that behaviour is replicated or mitigated basis the reinforcement in the form of a consequence which is positive or negative, immediate or future, certain and uncertain. This helped me immensely to drive compliances and performance in my team.

Sanjay's style was to show me a mirror for inner reflection and built my confidence that I can overcome all my challenges.

Tanuja Bhagat, Chief Experience Officer, Medanta Hospitals

Dr. Sanjay Salooja’s coaching has been especially useful during the lock-down period when individually and collectively, one had to go beyond new boundaries to serve every customer and deliver the business results. Sanjay's coaching style is very empowering because he truly believes that the barriers and the solutions lie within. He is a fabulous partner to work with and has contributed significantly to our success. I believe he can contribute significantly in enabling individuals and teams live up to their potential. ”

Shumone Chaterjee, Ex-Chief Revenue Officer, Lenskart Ex-Managing Director, SC Johnson South Asia Ex-Vice President and Managing Director, Levi Strauss India

Sanjay, as my coach changed my perspective about work, leadership, respect, speed of change, team expectations, and so many more elements without ever getting into the right or wrong about leadership.

He coached me to appreciate both oneself and others through a distinct new lens which has contributed immensely in shaping my job goals, peer interactions and above all creating joy for everyone at the workplace."

Rajiv Bakshi, COO, Zee Entertainment

It was a pleasure to engage with Dr. Sanjay Salooja. Sanjay has deep business insights across different industries and possesses a sharp acumen to quickly understand the business drivers. He invested time in understanding our business needs and tailored his approach to our specific requirements. The program was delivered with considerable customization as our business cuts across 2 very different sectors with leadership team coming from varied backgrounds.

Armed with eloquent communication and very high level of energy, he built quick personal connect with each of our business leaders. Our program was for over 6 months and it is to Sanjay's credit that he kept the team 100% engaged over the entire duration.

I was extremely happy with the outcome and really liked the work done by Sanjay to improve the effectiveness of our leadership team.”

Shailendra Malhotra, Global CEO, Himalaya Drug Company

It turned out to be the best decision of my life to associate myself with Dr. Sanjay Salooja as my coach and it was a life-transforming journey from his guidance. I must have spoken about him to my family and friends several times and never forget to wish him on 5th September on Teacher’s Day.

It took almost 4 months but Dr. Salooja really helped me to identify and reveal my blind spots and showed me the way to work upon them. Many thanks, Dr. Salooja and I wish you the very best always.”

Karamjeet Dua, VP, Discovery Channel

Doctor Sanjay’s sessions allowed me to zoom out and see complicated situations in basic fundamental way and then guided me through categorical actions for specific situations in terms of dealing with teams.

Ramneek Khurana, Co-founder, Lenskart

Sanjay as a coach is simply stupendous! While there’d be many who cast the motivation spell and charge one for the big hurdles, Sanjay belongs to the few who set you up for success, bit by bit, strategizing as a true ally, always by your side.

Sharp and insightful, he has amazing clarity, getting to the bottom of issues and never missing a beat while identifying and putting it out there what you need to do. His compelling ways of persuading you to bite the bullet is my favourite ‘Sanjay thing’!

Aaradhika Mehta, Ex-Head of Marketing,
The Body Shop

Sajay coached our team when we were going through a difficult phase in the business. His thoughtful interventions, both as a group and 1:1, helped us become focused and cohesive again, eventually leading to our results rebounding sharply.

His inimitable style of being forceful without being offensive made him a trusted confidante for our team. I highly recommend Sanjay as a coach for founders and founding teams."

Vivek Iyer, CEO, DOCOM Technology

Dr. Sanjay Salooja has given my quest for leadership excellence a whole new dimension through his coaching program. He has enabled a regimen in me for the constant evolution of thought process which I shall follow for the rest of my professional career.

Thank you very much. I will always look at him as my Guru, Teacher, Confidant."

Business Leader, Big 4 Consulting Firm

Sanjay sir - I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me and the leadership team at Lenskart . Your style and method are very effective in helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life.

I would like to mention the ABC technique to build culture is really insightful and the power to simply believe in making things happen is something that will stay with me forever.

You have been a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship."

Amit Chaudhary, Co-founder, Lenskart

"Dr Sanjay Salooja is an accomplished Psychologist and Corporate Trainer who has an excellent ability to grasp the dynamics of a business as well as the team. His educational background in Psychology sets him apart as a Trainer and a Coach who can deliver results. Sanjay is extremely focused on outcomes and has helped me drive better growth and bottom line through his interventions.

Sanjay has conceived and conducted team building workshops aim at building greater level of trust among the team members. He has been very effective at helping a team uncover their blind spots. He ensures that every participant reflects meaningfully and contributes to the experience of the workshop. My team has always walked away more motivated and cohesive after a session with him.

Krish Iyer, President & CEO, Walmart

Dr. Sanjay Salooja provided individual coaching/ mentorship to some of our senior executives and produced the desired outcome in terms of change in attitude and behaviour of the concerned individuals, resulting in better performance at work.

One of the best qualities of Sanjay is that he becomes a part of the senior team whom everyone trusts. He listens to everyone with empathy and maintains complete confidentiality which generates trust. Another important quality of Sanjay is that he maintains complete objectivity and does not harbour pre-conceived notions about anything or anyone. His positive attitude towards everyone demonstrates his ability to get the best out of every person. I have always enjoyed my every interaction with Sanjay and walked away richer in more ways than one. "

I wish Sanjay all the very best in all his endeavors.

Krish Iyer, President & CEO, Walmart

"Dr Salooja was a coach to me during 2016 under the EY coaching program for its employees.

This experience helped me ask key questions about my life goals and decisions. The coaching journey was fulfilling and developmental for me."

Dr. Kamlesh Vyas, Current Role Partner, Deloitte

"Dr. Sanjay Salooja helped all of us in our EXCOM to have our self-introspection to see all opportunities to work as One Team. Guiding us was extremely useful and we will never thank you enough for your engagement with all of us.

Thank you personally Dr. Salooja to have supported me."

Oliver Sainson, Chief Operations, Walmart

Dr. Sanjay Salooja made me and my management reflect back on key issues and also work towards working as better leaders.

I also feel he filled the gap of feeling in context for a lot of leaders who otherwise would have been demotivated and not been able to sustain our high-pressure environment. Lead with context is something I have learnt from him and his sessions.”

Peyush Bansal, Founder, Lenskart

"It has definitely very positively impacted. The biggest impact was the realization that collaboration is one key missing piece in our success.

Similarly, I am a big fan of the ABC model to start and sustain new behaviours and I totally believe in it and I feel it should not be left for teams to decide this you should have a team that designs KPIs based on ABC for companies.

I also learnt Feed forward which I believe is the best way to drive collaboration and performance of the company.

Peyush Bansal, Founder, Lenskart

Sanjay Salooja #Kudos for being an amazing guide who helped me in finding my way in the corporate web. Thanks for your support!

#Amazingmentor #thankyoumentor"

Anand Jha, Current Role, SVP United Breweries

I really enjoyed the two stints of coaching I had with you. You created an environment where I was able to openly talk about the areas that require development and further develop them with your coaching.

Some of the skills helped me both at work and general life. I started applying the tools, techniques and models learned during coaching for effective handling of situations. I am extremely grateful for your valuable contributions towards shaping me as a leader.

You’ve also motivated me by reinforcing my instincts.. several times."

Gurpreet Kaur
Director, United Lex

LTTS has partnered with Competence Curve to deliver two of our flagship Leadership Development Programs - Young Leadership Programme and Accelerated Leadership Potential. They are extremely professional, proactive and result oriented.

They have the ability to understand the business context and impactful provide well thought through and highly impactful solutions. Their trainers and coaches have played an important role in developing our leadership talent. This has been the key to our success with the achievement of our Leadership Talent Development Goals.

Their ability to project manage the entire 1-year long journey and coordinate with our team has also been another key differentiator we have experienced while working with them.

Sonal Vaidya, Global Head OD, LTTS

Dr. Sanjay Salooja had conducted a Black Belt Leadership Intervention for us.

I gained a lot from his training and coaching sessions. They were filled with practical wisdom and solutions to how we can succeed as leaders. His passion, supportive style, deep listening ability and raw energy to communicate ideas brought about massive changes in me as a leader. Sanjay as a trainer and coach is one of the best I have met in my professional journey.

A lot of who I am today goes back to what I learnt in the Leadership Black Belt Journey.

Sachin Ahuja, Director Telus Communication
Toronto, Canada

I have known Sanjay and his team for over a decade now. Sanjay has curated some of the finest programs across a range of subjects. His OD offerings and learning designs are brilliant and stand out for the immense and thoughtful research that has gone behind them.

Sanjay delivers with impact and connects like no one else, with the audiences at all levels of many organisations, that I have seen him deliver for. He guarantees measurable impact and that’s what really matters.

Puskar Kumar
Head HR-Cairn India

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sanjay Salooja for over 2 decades now. It started when I was HR Director at FritoLay India (Foods Division of PepsiCo) in the early 2000s when his WASP (Winning Attitude for Sales Professionals) program became a rage in the Sales organisation because of how effective it was in enhancing Sales performance but also because of the Energy and Professionalism that Sanjay brought into the Program.

Given the success of this program we also worked with Sanjay on other leadership development programs for other parts of the organisation which were equally well received. When I came back to India in 2011 after a couple of overseas stints in different parts of PepsiCo, Sanjay and his organisation had grown both in scale and their professionalism. They were now a fairly large organisation with faculty drawn from top institutes and consulting houses. Another aspect that I have always respected about Sanjay and his approach is his willingness to work on longitudinal interventions where payment is partly linked to organisational results achieved rather than doing one off training programs.

Samik Basu, CHRO - Hindalco - Aditya Birla

The partnership in the last 5+ years while I have been at Hindalco, Sanjay and his team have worked with us on a couple of very impactful leadership development programs for our middle management.

These programs are based on extensive research along with detailed study of the organisation context, culture and people. The interventions include pre-work, classroom learning, action learning projects, coaching and mentorship. Another unique feature is that the classroom sessions are conducted both by Sanjay and his team as well as internal faculty from Hindalco. These programs have been very impactful, much wanted by participants and their Managers and have had lasting impact. In fact, they have very effectively supported a culture transformation journey that Hindalco is in the midst of.

Samik Basu, CHRO - Hindalco - Aditya Birla

Sanjay was instrumental in creating more trust among our team. He connected at a personal level with individuals to uncover underlying trust issues and helped address them with simple, practical suggestions. I personally benefited a great deal from his coaching and insights and found him to be 100% committed at all times to our success. Thank you, Sanjay for helping us, and me!


Dr. Salooja, has been such an amazing coach! I will always remember several of those eureka moments when he made me discover something about myself that I was totally unaware of.

Thank you for your support.

Urvashi Sahai
GC & SVP Legal

Dr. Salooja is Tony Robbins of India. He has the ability to transform the lives of executives through coaching and training. It is a great experience to participate in his thought-provoking seminars.

Whenever I need motivation, I refer to his seminar handouts and my personal journal and re-live those moments. Dr. Salooja has mastered the way to motivate people in his seminars and long after those sessions as well. I would highly recommend his courses for team building, personal improvement, and professional coaching.

John Robert
Sr VP - Dr. Reddy's

Sanjay is one of the first leadership coach to be introduce to my organisation, the concept of leadership with heart. It helped my team build bridges, open themselves up to their vulnerabilities, and become better versions of themselves. And that includes me. Thank you Sanjay!

Rustom Desai,
Managing Director JRD Holding and Senior Lecturer, Cornell University

I'd like to thank Sanjay for his mentorship all along these years. It's been over a decade since I have known him. If I were to clock the number of hours Sanjay spent voluntarily mentoring me, I feel it would be a staggering fees that I don't want to even imagine.

He was my first teacher in the space of learning and development and continues to be.

Gurpreet Kalra
Head of TD for Nordics, Spain & Portugal at TCS

Have known Sanjay as a friend and colleague for more than 20 years. Sanjay has always been genuinely interested in people and develops long term relationships. He is a seasoned coach and mentor who leads by example. The simplest way to describe Sanjay is that, he likes people and brings the best out of them.

Devika Das (EMC INSEAD)
Global Executive Presence Coach (online) | Author

Sanjay is an excellent coach with high level of business understanding. His strength has been "understanding and visualizing need from client perspectives”. He has deep business knowledge and good understanding of " participant mindset". An excellent speaker with " high level of energy".

Sanjay has been one of the "choicest partner" in training and coaching.

Sanjeev Sharma
Director HR-ZTE Telecom Ltd.

Sanjay Salooja is a true peoples’ person, it is evident in the way he connects with others. I met with Sanjay at his leadership training Sessions.

First few impressions of him, which stayed on for these years are, his passion for the work he does, the concern with which he conducts the sessions, and the stellar follow-ups that give him a unique edge over other leadership trainers.

Swati Chawla
Strategic Global account management, Appway, Zurich

Sanjay's greatest strength is ability to emotionally connect with the people he interacts with as a trainer/ coach. His high passion and energy coupled with his knowledge of his subject achieved through experience makes him one of the best trainers/coaches in the Industry.

Sanjay has delivered value consistently through an out of box thinking approach and his own conviction.

Soni Mishra, HR Leader at Titan

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