Our Insights into Culture Creation

Every organisation aims towards creating a culture where employees can feel engaged, happy, and productive. Studies have shown that those organisations that invest in creating the right culture have seen over 30% better engagement, 28% increase in earnings, and 19% better operating income. The reality is that culture is a culmination of behaviour being demonstrated by all the employees in an organisation. In fact, what people say or do depends on which behaviours are encouraged and reinforced by the leaders within the organisation.

Today, our Culture Consulting Solution has become a strategic driver to help organisations define 'how' things are done to achieve their objectives. The 'how' gets defined by the values of the organisation or specific behavioural priority keeping business goals and challenges in mind. The culture becomes the personality of the organisation.

We help our clients achieve their financial, strategic or operational goals, by helping them build a high-performance culture.

Our approach to Creating a New Culture

Our model starts with understanding the current culture and the shift in the organisation is seeking. Various 1 to 1’s and focus group discussions are conducted to identify the behaviours that need to be changed. Factors which are keeping the old behaviours in place are also identified. Then a final set of behaviours are defined along with what can trigger those behaviours. Multiple nudges are crafted to initiate the behaviours in various employees. These may include leader’s role modeling the key behaviours, posters, pep up talk, training etc.

Once the behaviours start to show up, various reinforcers are delivered by leaders across the organisation to keep the passion going for the new behaviour. This loop is repeated till the behaviours are internalized. Various reviews are conducted to see if the frequency of new behaviours have gone up and is being sustained.

Simultaneously, the impact of these behaviours is also assessed on the business results it is supposed to impact. The above methodology follows the science of habit formation.

This is the Applied behavioural Science (ABS). When the tools of ABS are used well, it creates the foundation for a new culture and employee performance which defines the long term success of the organisation. Applied behaviour Science uses key principles of learning which are systematically applied to improve the occurrence of desired behaviours while discouraging undesired behaviours keeping specific outcomes in mind. Positive reinforcement becomes the basis of increasing the probability of desirable behaviours. So, creating consequences which are meaningful, likely to happen every time the behaviour comes, becomes crucial. Our consultants help organisation define multiple such positive reinforcers.

Strategies are also developed and implemented to maintain and sustain the key behaviours. Principles of Applied behavioural Science allows an organisation to build the mindsets and skill sets to cause the cultural change to happen. Employees and leaders can see the change of behaviours within the first month and the behavioural change achieves its peak within 3- 6 months. At this time, change in performance also becomes visible to the organisation.

Culture Transformation Statistics

Competence Curve’s unique Culture Solutions can help you create a culture that attract talent and helps you deliver more revenue, productivity and value

  More than 56% executives say corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth rates.
  60% of C-level executives cited that today’s leaders and cultures should have crisis preparedness to ensure an organisation’s survival of any eventuality.
  94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers say that a healthy culture at work is vital for success.
  Public companies with extremely healthy cultures are 2.5X more likely to report significant stock price increases over the past year.
  49% of employees would be willing to take a lower-paying job for a better culture.
  Companies with extremely healthy cultures are 1.5X more likely to report average revenue growth of more than 15% for the past three years.

Our Culture Creation Framework

How Competence Curve can help your organisation?

  Developing and implementing culture change strategy for lasting change
  Equipping leaders with the tools to shift the entire organisation towards the desired culture
  Helping the Senior Management articulate the need for change in culture and their commitment to this change
  Generating the drive in key leaders to role model change the new behaviours with their own team members
  Create Breakthrough Projects in alignment with the new elements of culture
  Generate stories that inspire employees by making change experiential and visible to the entire organisation
  Partnering with HR to align various HR processes to the new culture

Various cultures we have helped our clients establish

  Build a culture around their Corporate Values
  Create an Entrepreneurial and Collaborative culture
  Align to a culture of Ownership and Digital mindset
  Build a culture of Agility with Innovation and Experimentation
  Create a culture of Resilience in employees to navigate highly uncertain and disruptive business environment
  Build a Coaching Culture across various leadership levels
  Build a Customer Service Culture to improve Net Promoter Score

Competence Curve Culture Framework


In a nutshell every organisation is defined by “why”, “what”, and the “how”
The “why” is the purpose of existence. The “what” is their strategy to achieve goals and “how” is a way to make the “why” and “what” a reality
The “how” is the Secret Code of Culture we unlock to make any organisation 3 times more likely to be a top performer

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