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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enable transformation of all leaders for exponential greatness to deliver the results that matter.

Our Solutions


Leadership Development Journey

Every organisation needs exemplary leaders to achieve its corporate goals effectively and profitably. Such leaders benefit from our specific and proven techniques that enhance their leadership abilities over 9-12 Months and enable them to establish a strong presence and measurable impact.


Cultural Transformation Interventions

Organisations have unique work and leadership cultures, and it’s important to understand that “one size does not fit all.” We believe that to bring about cultural transformation, you have to construct an intervention that can bring sustainable behavioural change. We leverage the core principals of Applied Behavioural Science to help organisations develop habits that impact financial and people KPI’s.


High Potential Development Interventions

Every organisation needs future proof itself by strengthening its leadership pipeline. We use our proprietary methodologies to help organisations identify, develop and retain the future talent.


Transformational Executive Coaching

Executive leadership coaching focuses on helping leaders grow by making transformational shifts in their thinking and behaviours. Whatever the reason, distinct from other forms of training, coaching focuses on a specific way of “learning” for the executive leaders. We guarantee the CXO’s and CXO’s-1 will be able to make changes that will impact their stakeholders and their KPI’s in a positive manner.


Capability Building Programs

Today’s constantly evolving, disruptive and increasingly demanding business world calls for evolution and development through ability to quickly build new 21st century capabilities. We help our clients in building leadership capabilities in today’s dynamic environment.


Evaluation of Learning Impact

This allows your organisation to build and showcase a compelling business case for investing in a learning of employees. Highly researched and scientific tools and techniques are leveraged to conduct the analysis.

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Our Ethos

At Competence Curve, we believe that Leadership Development is a science. It’s our job to take the guesswork out of the equation, and use proven scientific techniques to develop leaders. We are India’s finest firm focused on helping companies enhance leadership talent at all levels. Our research on what works when it comes to leadership development that delivers results has given us the distinction of being long term development partners with some of the best corporates in India and all over the world. Competence Curve has so far, in the last 21 years worked with over 150 clients in 16 countries. We have helped over 2,00,000 leaders bring out the best in themselves with our learning interventions. Having worked with leaders through their ambitious goals and some of their biggest challenges, we have created frameworks and tools that help leaders achieve their development and business goals.

Our Differentiators

Here are the top 7 reasons we hear repeatedly on why our clients say they work with us:

1. We have the innate ability to understand their vision and strategies and align the leadership capability development framework to it.
2. We have expertise in designing leadership development journeys which ensures learning is sustainable and impacts their business goals.
3. We have pioneered tools that engages the complete ecosystem in ensuring that leadership capability is built in a supportive manner to deliver results.
4. We create processes that ensures leadership development happens in the context of the organisation’s culture.
5. Our project management capabilities ensure every milestone and final outcomes are achieved without missing a deadline.
6. The strategy we devise to ensure Leadership Development delivers on our promise 100% of times.
7. Our Trainers and Coaches live up to our purpose and commitment every time they engage with our clients.

At Competence Curve, leaders from across organisation can find valuable interventions that can help them meet their development goals.
We have worked with some of the world's largest and most well-known organisations across a variety of industries including FMCG, IT, Banking, Steel and Power, Logistics, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing and many others.


We believe every leadership development Intervention should grow people and also have an impact on business. We have clients who have experienced impact on Revenues, Gross Margins, NPS, Productivity, Attrition, Employee Engagement Scores to other Organisational KPI’s. Each intervention is designed with specific Measures of Success in mind which allows both the leaders and the organisation to grow. We ensure that this growth is supported by data.

Our Creed

For over two decades, Competence Curve has been providing leadership training and development services to top organisations by strengthening their leaders, building high performance cultures and creating everlasting leadership impact. At Competence Curve, we recognize the effectiveness of simplicity. We are committed to our purpose and are inspired by it in all that we do. We are ourselves curious and creative and live on the learning edge with the leaders we develop. We constantly innovate and use latest learning technologies and content to provide world-class leadership programs and learning experience.


Focus on Outcomes/Results:   Identify all the development a client is seeking, where will it impact. Which outcomes/results need to change for the client to believe we were successful.

Think Systematically:   Every organisation has culture, leadership, processes & policies that will impact the development initiative. We must be aware of the enablers & derailers. We leverage the enablers, know the early warning signs of derailers & develop an action plan to counter it.

Add Value:   At every interaction we add value to the client and the leaders we work with.

Establish Partnerships:   We believe if something gives our clients a sleepless night, it should also give us sleepless night. That is the spirit of partnership. Before we start we may be on different sides of the table but, once we start we are on the same side.

Employ a Systematic Process:   Change is not an event but a process. We build Learning processes which impacts performance.

Be Data Driven:   All success & change must be show cased with change in data. We focus on the analytics, figures and financial progress of the organisation.

At Competence Curve, we believe that the value proposition of our leadership development interventions to the client is in not just helping them to continually meet the demand for exemplary leadership talent. In fact, we exceed their benchmarks in leveraging the potential of their employees to achieve measurable results.

Our Approach

Competence Curves approach towards leadership development is backed by extensive research that has shown that the success of a business is not a by-product of sound academics only. The most critical ingredients of strong leadership are the everyday behaviours demonstrated by the leaders and the employees. Our research has also shown that Applied Behavioural Science provides leadership tools that can help organisations optimise behaviours of employees as well as leaders in executive positions and hence boosting their performance.

The Science of Change


Occur before a behaviour and cause it to happen (e.g., goals, work procedures, training, communications).


Is anything a person says or does (e.g., learning new software, writing a report, following work procedures), or alternatively, the failure to do any of these things.


Follow the behaviour and are a strong predictor of whether the behaviour will be seen again (e.g. feedback and coaching, personal satisfaction of a job well done, procedures that are easy to follow).

We at Competence Curve, believe in a very basic truth: every behaviour has a consequence. Therefore, good behaviour, properly rewarded or acknowledged, will translate into better performance, resulting in better Mission Critical business results.

The use of positive reinforcements, along with constructive feedback and the setting of concrete goals, is a guaranteed and tested way of boosting performance.

Applied Behavioural Science (ABS) is indeed the missing ingredient that can turn performance of each leader around very dramatically in a short span of time.

Applied Behavioural Science unfolds the model for encouraging and sustaining new behaviours. The key model starts with identifying the crucial behaviours that need to change to support performance or culture. Upon identification, the right nudges are designed to encourage and motivate the behaviours with key employees.

As behaviours start to show up, the right reinforcers are delivered to ensure the behaviours keep repeating. This loop is repeated to ensure the behaviours turn into habits. The impact of new behaviours is also measured on the cultural and performance parameters. We help organisations in identifying key behaviours, design nudges, build skills with their leaders to reinforce and track impact.


As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we support 2 NGOs and help them build the right leadership talent, a cohesive culture and a mindset to be more resilient. We also help them with planning and executing special projects as a part of their Think Tank.

We currently support

  Autism Centre for Excellence based out of Gurugram
  The Peace Warriors based out of the US

ACE (Autism Centre for Excellence)

The Special Child Trust launched the Autism Centre for Excellence in 2014, to create a program for children on the Autism Spectrum from ages ranging from 2 to 17 years. The program is the first of its kind in India, is completely data-driven and is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

ACE utilizes cutting-edge research and standardized educational practices to improve the outcome for children on the autism spectrum. The core philosophy of ACE lies in the belief that individuals of varying abilities can be taught functional skills and communication to lead independent, productive, and rewarding lives as adults. Often, children with autism are unable to integrate into mainstream schools and classrooms. ACE plays a pivotal role in providing a curriculum that fits the needs and abilities of such children and prepares them for integration to the best of their abilities.

ACE is a standardised model of teaching and intervention for autism, which, over time, can be replicated across schools and communities in India.


ACE was conceived with the vision of improving the level and quality of autism-related interventions in India by assimilating world-class practices within India’s local and cultural context.

This has been achieved through a rigorous training programme specific to autism and ongoing continuing education opportunities for teachers. ACE aims at creating long-term intervention strategies in a child’s life from the early years into adulthood so as to understand each child’s strengths and capabilities. It also seeks to maximise learning by providing a consistent and safe environment. The programme has been created as a seamless environment between teachers, parents, and care-givers so that skills can be rapidly learnt and applied in real life.


  To provide intensive professional training to educators and teachers within the organisation as well as in the community to fulfil the unmet need for Autism expertise in India.
  To create satellite ABA classrooms in mainstream schools across the Delhi-NCR region to provide high-quality intervention in integrated settings, and to sensitize students in typical classrooms.
  To establish a full-scale vocational program with job opportunities for young adults on the spectrum.

We help their teachers and leaders develop leadership skills, create a culture of teamwork and remain resilient in today’s disruptive world.

TPW (The Peace Warrior)

The Peace Warrior – TPW is a modern day US based NGO to serve humanity and bring about positive transformations in our World through compassion, creative expression & manifestation of our good voice. To do what is right, to choose to do what is right – We decide what legacy we would like to leave for the future generations to come.

The TPC team aspires to take up as many social and humanitarian causes – to serve each other – to help each other – to help make this world more beautiful. Through this movement they are going to facilitate a better world, remember every intention and every action counts, and our collective actions will bring waves of transformations. The focus is to enlighten ourselves, let’s empower ourselves, let’s evolve ourselves, while helping others and doing what is right.

Currently TPC is working on:

  Provide food to those who can’t afford a meal
  Designing and delivering a Global Youth Program
  Providing Oxygen Concentrators to those who need it
  Providing Hand Sanitizers, face masks and vitamin C to the needy

We help them with their India Operations as a part of the core team for planning, decision making and execution of core projects.

If you are a NGO and want help with:

  Developing your leadership
  Creating a Collaborative Culture
  Building Resilience and Agility in your team
  Creating a strong sense of purpose
  Building and executing your strategy
  Renewing the spirit of the NGO
  Build any competency that you can see as important

Connect With Us, we will help you with the above without any fees

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Our Team

Some leadership development experts who support us with helping meet our client’s leadership competency development needs are:

Dr. Sanjay Salooja

Dr. Sanjay Salooja, founder of Competence Curve leads an experienced team of extraordinary leadership coaches and consultants. These include experts with successful corproate careers, world's finest academicians, successful entrepreneurs and globally certified professionals

Archana Gauba

Devising learning strategy and frameworks, Developing and leading assessment centers for leadership, Building learning content, Learning deployment and enablement, Facilitation and training for senior leadership

Tony Parrottino

Applied behaviour Analysis Science to Business (Performance “Engineering and Change” Management) and Business Performance Modelling

Andrew Wright

HR consultancy and transformation, Leadership and management development, Coaching and Talent management/HIPO development

John Ferguson

Sales growth and strategy, Sales-force development, Project Management, New Business Development, Solution Selling, Sales Management, Consultative Selling

Shyam Malhotra

Executive & Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Self Enrichment, Managing Transitions, Entrepreneurial Skills, Influential/Situational Leadership Latéral Management

Thomas Bain

Project management: Public sector projects, Operations management SQE, NGO project management, Logistics and office co-ordination, office information and communication

Pradeep Chakravarti

Sales Management Development, Leading Self, Consulting skills, Negotiation and persuasion skills, Presenting with Impact, Situational Leadership and Delegation skills, Building High Performing Teams, Improving C-Sat Scores, Difficult Conversations
Our Entire Team

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At Competence Curve, we believe that performance is a science. It's our job to take the guesswork out of the equation, and use proven scientific techniques to inspire leaders.
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