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The TRACOM Group is The Social Intelligence Company. They change the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Our SOCIAL STYLE®, Behavioral EQ® , Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency® and Adaptive Mindset for Agility® assessments and courses help people create amazing relationships and build high-performing organizations.
Most leaders recognize that their organization’s success is built on the capabilities of their people, but often don’t understand how to maximize that potential in today’s fast-paced world. They invest in functional skills or generic leadership training without ever considering how to develop the full potential of each person. Social Intelligence is the realization of this true potential in individuals, teams and entire organizations.
They enhance organizational performance with interpersonal skills-based development solutions covering the core aspects of the individual: Behavioral Style, Emotional Intelligence and Mindset. By focusing on these three elements, each person can learn to thrive in the workplace, even in the face of rapid technological shifts and organizational changes. TRACOM is the only company with a complete Social Intelligence solution that covers three core elements of the individual to help people become more effective in all areas of life.

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SOCIAL STYLE Tip of the Day:

SOCIAL STYLE Tip of the Day:Weaknesses of the Analytical Style Person

Each Style of person has specific weaknesses. Analytical Style people are hesitant to declare a point of view or share opinions, and are slow to initiate contact with others. They can be unwilling to take risks, and can be too reserved in their interactions, not generating enthusiasm among co-workers and others. They tend to focus on facts and information to the exclusion of emotions or people, and may avoid making decisions. These individuals can be uncommunicative or not follow up with co-workers quickly enough, and they can be inflexible in their approach. They can be seen as lacking creativity, and can be too focused on details for some people.

Behavioral EQ Tip of the Week:

Behavioral EQ Tip of the Week: Invest Energy in Your Most Important Relationships

List your most important relationships, along with actions you have taken lately that either build or weaken each relationship. Actions that weaken relationships take on more weight than actions that strengthen them (humans have a negativity bias that causes us to focus more intently on negative events than on positive events). Because of this, it takes at least three positive actions to counteract the effects of a negative action. Try to always outweigh the bad with many more good things.

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