Leadership Journey

What are Leadership Journeys?

We believe what John Quincy Adams said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” What we further believe that a CEO to perform & consistently deliver better results quarter on quarter requires special coaching, skills, insights and inputs, which we have already mastered in our similar engagements in 150+ organizations and each new assignment we deliver adds more values and inputs to our own custom developed methodologies.

Every organization needs better leaders to survive and thrive in the era of disruptive innovations and economic uncertainties. For the past twenty years we have been working with some of the best organizations across the world to help overcome the challenge of succession planning and building the pipeline of effective leaders who imbibe the true value systems and have potential to reach and perform at top. Our industry expert trainers are helping the leaders across business verticals in helping achieve  organizational objectives.

With this program we impart the following essential leadership skills.

  • Strategic thinking
  • Creating & articulating vision
  • Developing talent & leadership aligned with business strategy
  • Influence & Communication
  • Coaching & Mentoring others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building & maintaining Relationship
  • Leading team achievements
  • Leading with purpose
  • Delivering better results
  • Maintaining executive presence
  • Embracing flexibility & adaptability
  • Understanding one’s value system and culture

We have expert trainers who are renowned and known in their own field of leadership skills and expertise or the above mentioned skills.

Who is it for?

The Leadership Journey is an in-house leadership training program for individual contributors, team leaders, supervisors, managers, function heads and even business heads.  please follow our methodology chart below to understand where you are at the leadership ladder and where do you want to be in your leadership journey. These journeys take 6 months to 16 months depending upon organizational objectives and leaders current skills.

What are the advantages of this program?

  • It helps in succession planning and building talent pool of leaders in any organisation at every level
  • It helps good leaders to be great so that they can steer their organization in the era of disruptive innovation & economic instabilities
  • Current and future leaders can benefit from specific and proven techniques that enhance their abilities to lead.
  • In the dynamic age of competitiveness and disruption, leaders are better prepared for every possible existing / non-existing or unforseen challenge that may come their way.
  • Our journeys are designed to ensure that leaders experience qualitative and measurable growth in themselves which in turn translates it to better business results.

Leadership Journey can deliver best results for organization of any size or scale.

How do we deliver this?

Our leadership journeys framework has 20 components. We deliver training, workshops, real situation scenarios, one-to-one customized coaching sessions etc. This has extensive assessments, pre-work, post-work and continuous evaluations during this period. We have divided the sub components into these three categories:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading others
  • Leading the business

We tailor each Journey to the organization’s leadership style, culture, and the specific needs and preferences of the audience’s level of leadership. We incorporate the right blend of formal and informal components to optimize the ROI and maximize learning “stickiness” that change behaviours and transform leaders.

What’s so unique about Competence Curve in delivering this program?

Trainers Methodology Previous Deliveries Customizations
Our pool of industry expert trainers deliver these programs. We have trainers across various cities and countries across the globe. We incorporate best of the tools, methodologies, insights and real case scenarios. We use proven models and innovative methodologies. We have already trained 100,000 leaders in 150+ organizations at various levels. All of our program result in repeat engagements from the same organizations We tailor each Journey to the organization’s leadership style, culture, and the specific needs and preferences of the audience’s level of leadership.

Quotes from Leaders who have benefitted from this Program

“This is amazing program which helped me transform my career – Banking Industry Leader”

“Before starting this program i was unaware about my own weaknesses and alway thought that i am doing everything in the right way” – Airlines Industry Leader

“Dr. Sanjay Salooja is a visionary coach who trained me long time back and i still remember each and every word said in that Training” – Telecom Leader

All of our Leadership development programs are custom designed & recommended keeping organizational business objectives and career stage of the leader in question and that’s why we have successfully delivered these in more than 28,000 sessions to more than 1,00,000 leaders across 150+ organizations worldwide so far. So what are you waiting for? Fill the form below to help us understand your business challenge and we will schedule a time to speak with you soon.

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