Cultural Transformation

Organizations have unique cultures, and it’s important to understand that “one size does not fit all.” We believe that to bring about cultural transformation, you not only have to change the values and behaviours of the current leaders, but you also must change the values that are embedded in the organisation’s policies, systems, and procedures. Our cultural Change Initiative uses the Applied Behaviour Science Model. It begins with understanding clearly what the “from” is, before articulating what the “to” should be. Understanding this comes from the information which is gathered before the culture transformation begins, using tools such as: 360O, Focus Groups, High Potentials, and Executive One-on-Ones.

High performance cultures are not dependent on one simple factor or as a result of one or two things. The entire context you operate in greatly impacts your results. This context includes the culture of the company-how things get done, how decisions are made, what works and does not work as far as behaviours and what gets rewarded. The key to building a high-performing culture is to make sure you consider using internal resources to make the workplace better. The specifics of a high-performance culture are unique to each company.