Capability Building

What is Capability Building?

The focus is to build the leadership capacity of the entire organisation, not only that of a few key leaders. This means building the capacity of and developing new leaders at all levels, which results into the enhancement of the collective leadership capacity for your organisation.

Today’s constantly evolving, and increasingly demanding business world calls for evolution and development through ability to build new capabilities. The core capability for building capabilities in organizations is through coaching. We offer a range of capability building solutions and tools to help your workforce get the most out of themselves.  Capacity building is on the top of the agenda by almost 50% of the top global executives in a research carried by a very renowned global research and consulting agency.

We do a number of activities and build custom programs for building the capabilities within any organization by the way of the following:

  • 360 Degree Assessments
  • Psychometric tests
  • Business simulation
  • High impact capacity building workshops
  • Large scale interactive process
  • C Suite coaching framework – 3 E Model

We also help develop interacl coaches within any organization by providing them with the right toolsets, skill sets and mindset of a coach with the help of  C Suite coaching framework 3 E Model.

What are the Competence Curve’s Capability Building program construct and components and how do we deliver this?

With this program we we tend to get to cover the following depending upon the brief, current situation, agreed milestones and expected outcomes:

  • 360 Degree Assessments
    • This helps in increasing managerial effectiveness by ways of getting comprehensive feedback about employees, development or training needs and performance needs assessments. It’s a safe, confidential and effective way to gather feedback which helps in promoting transparency, improves work relationships and identifies future training needs.
  • Psychometric tests
    • These include a vast variety of tests to ascertain the skills, competencies, aptitude and key personality traits. These help in identifying the potential leaders within the company. These include:
      • Situational judgement tests
      • DISC behaviour inventory
      • Hogan personality inventory
      • Myers Brigg type indicators
      • The big five personality
      • Occupational personality questionnaire
  • Business simulation
    • This is a very old technique of creating a simulation of a real life business scenario, where experts observe and employees participate. These are mostly theme based games based on various aspects of strategic and functional aspects
  • High impact capability building workshops
    • Some of our workshops are as follows:
      • Leadership challenge
      • Winning attitude for successful professionals
      • First time managers program
      • Platinum Rule Program
  • Large scale interactive process
    • This workshop involves a large number of participants at one go and tries to achieve the management objectives set by the board. This is mandatory in the scenarios where we have to pace up the change process. In these workshops same inputs, information and opportunity to participate and contribute is offered to a large group.
  • C Suite coaching framework – 3 E Model
    • This is a most widely used framework used world-over by a number of coaches. It has three “Es” as follows:
      • Explore – Exploring leaders behavior patterns and performance requirements
      • Establish – Establishing the scope of coaching assignment
      • Embed – Establish leadership style through application of hand wired pattern.

Who is it for?

This program is applicable all across the organization.

For individual contributors and people manager WASP – Team Co-Action & FTMP – Infleuncers for success programs are recommended. For manager of managers, functional heads and business heads the Leadership challenge and executive coaching which ranges from 6 to 8 months is recommended.  You can get to read more about these programs by visiting the respective program pages.

What are the advantages of capability building for any organization?

This program brings in inculcating high performance culture which helps in the following:

  • It helps in timely planning and implementation of learning, growth and strategic changes for the betterment of your organization
  • It helps in bringing about the sense of involvement, ownership, pride and positive reinforcement in the minds of large teams or select few leaders.
  • It helps to reduce the over-reliance of external consultants and help develop resources, skills , knowledge and capabilities in-house.
  • This also leads to doing a proper assessment of skills, competencies and which helps in the future better preparedness of the organization.

What’s so unique about Competence Curve in delivering this program?

Trainers Methodology Previous Deliveries Value addition
Our pool of industry expert trainers deliver these programs. We have trainers in a fairly large number of cities and countries across the globe. We incorporate best practical implementation via training, workshops, assessment tools, pre-work, post work etc. We have already trained 100,000 leaders in 150+ organizations at various levels. All of our program result in repeat engagements from the same organizations Our program delivery and certified coaches clearly understand the context, management objectives & leadership challenges of the organization in question and tailor the coaching program accordingly

Conclusion: All of our Leadership development programs are custom designed & recommended keeping organizational business objectives and career stage of the leader in question and that’s why we have successfully delivered these in more than 28,000 sessions to more than 1,00,000 leaders across 150+ organizations worldwide so far.

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We offer a range of capability building solutions and tools to help your leaders get the most out of themselves.