How We Maximise Values?

  • Ensure delivery of success via measurable methodologies
  • Use of multiple In-house researched platforms to track progress & support growth
  • Use our past experience to ensure smooth flow
  • Cultivate strong relationship with person being developed to ensure high comfort level


The highly competitive, ever changing and volatile global business world brings corporates face to face with newer and different challenges every hour of each day. To understand the needs of our clients, we at Competence Curve adopt the principles of Applied Behavioural Science in helping them modify employee behaviours for achieving consistent business results.

Conceptualised by Dr Sanjay Salooja, Ph D, Competence Curve was founded in the year 2000 to help organisations use Applied Behavioural Science based approach in improving work environment and handling organisational challenges. Our leadership coaching and individual skills development training has helped clients excel in leadership development and employee competence development enabling improved business management, efficient human resources and satisfied customers.


Our impressive list of clientele consists of more than 64 corporates representing various industry verticals and sectors including public, private, non-profit and education. Our clients have successfully incorporated behaviour-based strategies for leadership development, individual competence development, teamwork culture and efficient business performance.

Our Operating Ethos

At Competence Curve our value proposition to our clients is in not just continually meeting but always exceeding the highest standards in leveraging the potential of their employees to achieve measurable results.

Our Approach

Our approach is backed by our extensive research at Competence Curve that has showed that success of business is not a by-product of sound academics only. The most critical ingredients are the everyday behaviours demonstrated by the leaders and the employees. Our research has also showed that Applied Behavioural Science provides tools that can help organisations optimise behaviours of individuals and performances of teams.

Our team of experts uses the research findings, extensive knowledge of behaviours and proven analytical methodologies to design innovative and advanced learning solutions.

Our Differentiators

We closely partner with our clients to achieve leadership skill development and individual competence development for them. We ensure the same with the help of our individual skills identification and development workshops, assessment exercises and leadership coaching projects which work through clearly defined unique deliverables.

Our team of experienced coaches and consultants includes experts from India’s best management institutes, business leaders, successful entrepreneurs and internationally certified coaches. Our team consists of widest range of training and consulting skills, expertise in leadership development training and individual competence development, experience in education and operations, and exposure to needs and culture of over 64 organisations.

Backed by our proven expertise in designing individual and team learning, and skills development solutions, our approach stand out because they are;

  • Built on the principles of Applied Behavioural Science.
  • Based on well researched and validated methodologies.
  • Centered on measurable growth of the participants ensured through assessment and tracking tools.
  • Carried out by highly committed and dedicated team of professionals in completely comfortable environment.

Behavioural Model

How does your organization measure excellence? Is it a simple examination of the company’s ‘bottom-line’, i.e. how robust the balance sheet is looking?
Or is it an assessment of the quality of the organization’s products and services?
Or alternatively, is it the productivity and well-being of its human resources that becomes the organization’s highest priority?
Gilbert’s Behaviour Engineering Model (BEM), devised and presented by Thomas F. Gilbert in 1978, shows us how to identify and tackle barriers to individual and organisational performance. It enables us to divide performance into two parts: what the individual brings to the performance equation, and the work environment factors that encourage or impede performance.

We preach a very basic truth: every behaviour has a consequence. Therefore good behaviour, properly rewarded or acknowledged, will translate into better performance, resulting in better MISSION-CRITICAL business results.
The use of positive reinforcements, along with constructive feedback and the setting of concrete goals, is a guaranteed and tested way of boosting sales, as can be seen from the example below.

Industries We Cater to

  • Aviation
  • Call Centres
  • Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials & Construction
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Utilities